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3rd Circle is a non-profit organization that develops personalized support services for people of a variety of different abilities. At 3rd Circle, supportive living encompasses a wide range of in-home support based on individual needs, personal lifestyle preferences, community norms, and equality of citizenship.

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The AAA Crisis Pregnancy Center of Operation Blessing has served this area for over 27 years in helping to meet the needs of women and families with young children and pregnancy related issues, whether planned or unplanned. For those facing an unplanned pregnancy, we offer a listening ear, accurate and complete information on all options in pregnancy. We value the importance of providing a pressure free environment for women. However, we do not perform or refer for abortion. We offer: Confidential non-pressured peer counseling Free pregnancy testing Free ultrasounds (appt. only)

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AASY Action is a non-profit organization providing a range of charitable services, including yoga classes for groups of individuals who are HIV positive, residents of housing established for homeless individuals, victims of domestic violence, and individuals recovering from substance abuse.

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Ability KC's mission is to build brighter futures for children and adults with disabilities by providing comprehensive educational, vocational and therapeutic services. 

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Above the Wake is a non-profit organization that creates positive experiences on the water for children with autism and cognitive delays. The Our Wake program is individually based and done in a small group, ideally with family, and has six levels of learning, starting with wake surfing and moving up to kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and swimming, all geared toward providing a positive experience and aiding each individual's recovery.

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