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The mission of the YMCA of Metro Chicago is to develop strong children, families and communities across Metropolitan Chicago through academic readiness, character development, violence prevention, fitness and healthy living.

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Work Skills Corporation (WSC) is a non-profit organization that provides employment, training, staffing, and home health care/residential care services. WSC focuses on helping those with disabilities and other employment disabilities so that they can optimize their potential. WSC offers job skills training, vocational services, transition services, and supported employment through WSC's own production services. WSC also provides home healthcare services to help optimize the potential of those who are facing illness, recovery, or diminished ability to care for themselves.

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Wish Upon a Teen is dedicated to providing resources, time and opportunities to teenagers with severe life-limiting medical conditions. Through creative, social, and educational opportunities, their goal is to normalize teenagers' environment and rebuild their self-esteem as they transition to adulthood. Some of Wish Upon a Teen's programs include Design My Room, which helps teens experiencing extended hospitalization decorate their room, spa days for teens, an annual prom, and family outings.

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Wings of Mercy's volunteer pilots serve the people of eatern Michigan by providing free air transportation for patients with limited incomes needing treatment at medical centers in the eastern and midwestern United States.

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Wings of Hope Hospice provides compassionate care for individuals in the later stages of life and family grief support. Wings of Hope also engages in community education and outreach to help people better understand the role of hospice care and advance care planning among other topics. Wings Home is an end-of-life care home that provides the same care as the hospice in a smaller, ranch-style home with 24-hour care.

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