At AllyU Organization NFP, we believe in volunteerism, and not just because we are a nonprofit. We believe in volunteerism because research shows that there are innumerable benefits to not just those who receive help from volunteers, but also to those doing the volunteering.

Volunteering can:

  1. lower stress and risk of depression
  2. increase sense of self-worth
  3. forge connections with other people
  4. increase individuals’ trust in one another
  5. provide a sense of purpose
  6. teach valuable skills that can translate into employment
  7. help you stay mentally and physically active

As citizens of the world, we have a responsibility to support each other, and in the AllyU Organization NFP community, we practice that diligently.


Some members volunteer financially or by offering up information about valuable resources or personal experiences. Others may serve as content monitors to keep an eye out for unhealthy or damaging posts, or for members who seem particularly at risk.

We want to provide our members the opportunity to strengthen themselves and each other through volunteerism, and will frequently post opportunities to do so.

AllyU Organization NFP Volunteer Opportunities:

As members post on the AllyU Organization NFP website, content grows by leaps and bounds. We do periodically check content, but need our Allies’ help to ensure that our site remains consistently POSITIVE and HELPFUL.

Volunteer to be a monitor of content on this site:

  1. Help protect our positive environment by notifying us if members are not posting appropriate content.
  2. Support our members by looking for posts that might indicate someone is really in need of help, so we can reach out to them to offer professional guidance.

Volunteer to be an AllyU Organization NFP researcher for our resource directory:

  1. Verify and add resources in our resource directory that is designed to lead members to accessible social, emotional and professional help. We all have needs and could use help sometimes. Having access to known outlets improves are ability to gain; shelter, legal aid, food, etc.

Volunteer to be a positive Influencer:

  1. The power of the positive word is the key for this task
  2. Post in any or all forums positive words, pictures, quotes, or poems

Volunteer to be an AllyU Organization NFP researcher for our self-help library:

  1. Know a creditable resource for our self-help library? Be a researcher to find great additions for our members.

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

Search online for the many volunteer opportunities locally or check out our live community for local volunteering posts.


Submit a request to be a volunteer at AllyU