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The Urban Outreach Center is the premier social services center. Our purpose is to provide a complete range of resources to support the full worth and dignity of every person. We help our clients with basic needs like food, clothing, job training, transportation, health referrals, and more.

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The mission statement of 1736 Family Crisis Center is to serve vulnerable community members in Los Angeles. It wants to help children, women, men, and families through crises, domestic violence, assault, homelessness, addiction, emotional challenges, and more.

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A Call to Conscience (c2c) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) theater collective that uses a multi-media format to dramatize historical themes dealing with the struggles of the oppressed. Using speeches, essays, and adaptations we highlight transformative events that evoked change and the various architects and leaders that helped create them.

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Since 1989, A Child’s Place (ACP) has been working to improve the lives of children and families experiencing homelessness in Charlotte. Beginning as a small group of committed volunteers and growing into a nonprofit serving over 2,000 children and their families from schools across Mecklenburg County, ACP has transformed into a leading organization and is the only nonprofit organization in Charlotte focused specifically on the success of children whose families are experiencing homelessness and generational poverty.

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A Community for Peace serves children and adult survivors of domestic violence. They aim to create safe access to systems for them.

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