Elderly Care

The Albert J. Lightfoot Adult Daycare Center provides an adult day program where caregivers can drop off elderly adults for a period of time and be picked up later. The day program includes social/recreational activities, meals, and general supervision to promote independence for older adults.

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Adkins Village Senior Housing offers affordable living for seniors age 62 or older. Adkins Village provides housing facilities and services specially designed to meet the physical, social, and psychological needs of seniors to help promote their health, security, and happiness.

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Elderly/handicapped housing program, provide housing for low-income families, provide housing with specialized services for persons with mental illness; provides rental vouchers to disabled applicants who are not elderly and who have been determined eligible for Chapter 667 (elderly and disabled) housing.

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The Urban Outreach Center is the premier social services center. Our purpose is to provide a complete range of resources to support the full worth and dignity of every person. We help our clients with basic needs like food, clothing, job training, transportation, health referrals, and more.

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