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      Sinbi Kim

        We are hurt by excessive interference and disrespectful words in excuses of advice. We only learned to get along with my friends, and no one told us what a real friend means. We were only told to be polite and good, and we couldn’t learn how to get along with rude and bad guys.


        Why are relationships difficult? Is it because people who don’t fit me always exist somewhere? When it comes to relationships, the majority find it harder to accept the difference. Not only does the gap between thoughts and opinions seldom narrow, and knowing the difference but not being able to accept the difference seems to be an experience that was biased toward the environment. Experiences dominate our values. Values ​​take on a dual aspect of being a milestone that judges right and wrong, and it also becomes an element of conflict with others.


        But It is also people, who I will not get tired of connecting. It is a great blessing to meet someone who inspires me. There are many creatures in this world, but there are no beings as mysterious as humans. All of them have a variety of charms. Especially, it is very fun to meet a relationship that communicates well and gives a variety of stimuli. Even if I give up everything else, I don’t want to lose as much as people. This is why I value human relationships the most.


        To me, the most important thing in this journey of life is relationship. Not only meeting parents and siblings, but also human relationships with numerous people, such as blood ties, delays, academic ties, work ties, religious ties, etc. Therefore, depending on whom you meet and what kind of life you live, it can be a happy or unhappy life. 


        Lastly, I want you to remember this. There is no need to keep toxic people around your life. You can cut off people if you need to.

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