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Masters Law Group is on the referral list for the Veterans' Legal Aid Society. The firm assists veterans with family law (divorce & custody) matters, through a pro bono service program and provides pro bono community outreach and educational programs to non-profits and municipalities.

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St. Michael's Veterans Center empowers veterans toward healthy reintegration with their families and communities through permanent housing and supportive services. St. Michael's Veterans Center is working to end homelessness among veterans in Kansas City and is building a vibrant community that takes care of our neighbors. We believe that having a home and being a part of a community is essential for the dignity of each individual and collectively for the vibrancy and long-term sustainability of our city.

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Legal Aid Chicago resolves critical legal problems that trap people in poverty. Legal Aid Chicago staff prevent unfair evictions from the only decent housing its clients can afford; protects survivors of sexual assault, human trafficking and domestic violence; secures or preserves desperately needed benefits such as veterans’ benefits, social security or health benefits; assists senior citizens who have been swindled by consumer scams or robbed of their livelihoods through fraudulent consumer scams; and helps children receive the education they need to succeed.

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The Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program is funded by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs and is administered through Heartland Human Care Services to provide supportive services for low or very low-income veteran families residing in or transitioning to permanent housing. The services are designed to increase the housing stability of veterans and veteran families that are at-risk of or experiencing homelessness.

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Assists active military and Veteran families by providing them with gift funds to assist them with purchasing a home. Military Housing Assistance Fund (MHAF) is designed to help cover the closing costs for our nation's heroes when they purchase a home.

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