Veteran Services

Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) is an organization serving the needs of Vietnam veterans and advocating for the issues important to this generation of veterans. VVA provides claims assistance, financial readiness education, and outreach programs covering a broad range of topics from Agent Orange exposure, homelessness in the veteran community, accounting for POWs/MIAs, to addressing the needs of ethnic minority veterans.

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The mission of the Lexington County Veterans Affairs OfficeVeterans is to provide education and assistance on the multitude of programs and benefits sponsored by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. The education is made available to the general public but is predominantly for Veterans, surviving spouses, dependents and beneficiaries that we serve.

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Organization that responds to disasters by providing basic needs and shelter to those in need

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United Way Association of South Carolina (UWASC) works to maximize the capacity and effectiveness of local United Ways and provide leadership on issues that impact the quality of life of South Carolina residents. Through a network of collective partnerships, UWASC is committed in its efforts to: Provide support and enhance capacity of local United Ways Coordinate and champion action on significant public policy issues; and Improve effectiveness and coordination of health and human services in South Carolina.

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Provides a network of professional services in all 50 states and 4 territories to properly educate Veterans and active military families on the VA home loan program and the real estate process. VetsEDU is a non-profit organization designed to educate, advocate, and protect Veterans and active military families when using their VA home loan benefits to know what to expect and what to expect of them

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