Veteran Services

Lifeline PCS with locations in Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Glendale, and Avondale is a team of qualified professionals led by Dr.Roxanne DalPos. The professionals have various licenses, educational experiences, and certifications that qualify them to provide a wide range of services. These services include general counseling and therapy for daily life situations, couples issues, and family problems as well as legal problems such as court required anger management, domestic violence and dui services. Lifeline offers standard outpatient counseling as well as intensive outpatient therapy for both addiction and general mental health.

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Macomb County Veterans' Services aims to provide outstanding service to veterans and their families by maximizing receipt of veterans' benefits and eliminating or reducing the frustration and confusion that go with the process. Veterans' Services helps veterans get the benefits and care they deserve including their VA health benefits, educational benefits, burial/memorial benefits, homelessness prevention services, and food banks for vets.

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The Myrtle Beach Specialty Care Annex provides primary care, mental health and select specialty services, such as audiology, dermatology, physical therapy, optometry and podiatry. The clinic provides services to Veterans in Georgetown, Horry and surrounding counties. More complex diagnostic services, including specialty care and inpatient admission, are referred to Charleston.

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Masters Law Group is on the referral list for the Veterans' Legal Aid Society. The firm assists veterans with family law (divorce & custody) matters, through a pro bono service program and provides pro bono community outreach and educational programs to non-profits and municipalities.

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As a department in Mecklenburg County's Health and Human Services Agency, Community Support Services maximizes community partnerships and collaborative opportunities to better provide services for military veterans, people experiencing homelessness, people seeking substance use treatment, and people needing prevention and intervention for community or domestic violence.

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Organization that serves mental health education for children, women, men and veterans

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