Veteran Services

Provides transitional and permanent housing to Veterans and families who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless. Worldwide Veteran and Family Services partners with educational institutions and businesses across New York to provide training, employment opportunities, placement, and other support to Veterans in need.

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Wombacher Law Office is on the referral list for the Veterans' Legal Aid Society. The firm assists veterans with social security benefits and elder law matters, through a pro bono service program and provides pro bono community outreach and educational programs to non-profits and municipalities.

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Health care is delivered to our Veterans through engaged, collaborative teams called Patient Aligned Care Teams. These teams focus on whole-person care and life-long health and wellness. Veterans are the center of the care teamthat includes their family members, caregivers, health care professionals, primary care provider, nurses and an administrative clerk. When additional services are needed to meet their goals and needs, other care team members will be added.

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Warriors for the Homeless (WFTH) is filling a need in Berrien and Wayne County, Michigan–helping veterans, the homeless and the addicted get the help they need. WFTH helps the veterans, the homeless and the addicted find social justice and dignity by directing them to professional medical and/or psychiatric help and addiction groups when needed. WFTH's housing program assists men in acquiring temporary transportation and housing for basic life needs and employment while helping them build job skills through a work therapy model.

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Warriors and Caregives United (WACU) host events and functions for veterans and their caregivers, families, and friends. WACU also provides mentoring functions to provide support to vets on a personal level, and informational workshops focusing on health and wellbeing for vets, their caregivers, and military children.

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