Macomb Community Action (MCA) is a Community Action Agency that provides a variety of services to the community in order to help diminish poverty and promote independence and stability. Some of MCA's services include but are not limited to food and nutrition programs, Head Start programs for children, utility/rent assistance, transportation, home weatherization/repair services, tax services, senior centers, a medical equipment loan closet, and more.

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The Indo-American Center (IAC) was founded in 1990 by a group of Indian immigrants in response to the needs of Chicago’s growing South Asian immigrant population. The guiding mission of the Indo American Center is to promote the well being of South Asian immigrants through services that facilitate their adjustment, integration and friendship with the wider society, nurture their sense of community, and foster appreciation for their heritage and culture.

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Sunset House is an assisted living home for the elderly and handicapped that provides personalized care in a home-like setting.

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Love INC (Love in the Name of Christ) is a non-profit organization dedicated to meeting basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and money management. Love INC provides assistance through its Clearinghouse as well as partner churches in the Love INC network. Love INC also provides dinners through its Fish & Loaves program every Sunday evening, and operates a resale store.

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The goal is to ease the pain and suffering of our Jewish brethren lying scattered in the hospitals of Brooklyn.

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Great Lakes Dream Center is a church housing several missions and outreaches for children, teen, and adults who are marginalized and in need of human services. In addition to Sunday morning services and Bible studies, Great Lakes Dream Center also has youth ministry services, a weekly health and wellness class, a 12-step recovery study group, monthly meetings for women/moms/men to address their specific concerns, the Blessing Shop which provides essentials like toilet paper, diapers, shampoo and more to those in need for free, and the Furnishing Friends program which helps deliver furniture to homeless people transitioning into permanent housing.

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