2nd Chance Treatment Center addresses opioid and alcohol use disorders and co-occurring psychiatric disorders with a unique treatment model based on the most up-to-date medical and psychiatric research.

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A Little Bit of Heaven has a mission to provide food, housing, and clothing to indigent and homeless men for their physical, social and psychological needs.

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A Safe Place is the sole provider of services exclusively addressing domestic violence in Lake County, Illinois. Through multi-faceted programs it assists victims in transforming their lives after domestic violence, prevent future abuse by addressing its root cause through abuser intervention programs, and educate the community about domestic violence and how we can all be involved in its end.

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AASY Action is a non-profit organization providing a range of charitable services, including yoga classes for groups of individuals who are HIV positive, residents of housing established for homeless individuals, victims of domestic violence, and individuals recovering from substance abuse.

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Above the Wake is a non-profit organization that creates positive experiences on the water for children with autism and cognitive delays. The Our Wake program is individually based and done in a small group, ideally with family, and has six levels of learning, starting with wake surfing and moving up to kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and swimming, all geared toward providing a positive experience and aiding each individual's recovery.

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Fresh Start is a substance abuse rehab program run by the Abundant Life Church of God in Benton Harbor. Fresh Start provides behavioral therapy, substance abuse counseling, and trauma-related counseling to help individuals recover from their addictions.

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