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Sucide prevention, child and family services, crisis and truama healing services.

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Individual Counseling: Short-term solution-focused treatment that provides support through family and life transitions, behavioral concerns, and/or mental health and substance abuse issues. Play-based therapy for young children.

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The Daily Bread provides those in need with hot meals, emergency food services, personal care items, as well as job skills and interview training.

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Our outpatient clinics offer a full array of behavioral health services to both children and adults. Services may include assessment, psychiatric interventions, therapy and counseling (provided in individual, family, and groups), medication, residential or inpatient programs, case management, vocational services, and living skills training. Other supportive services, such as peer support services, health promotion, and family support services are also offered, geared towards helping individuals and families develop additional self-awareness and specialized recovery skills to improve independent functioning and quality of life. All services are provided by qualified behavioral health staff and are driven by a service plan developed by the client and the client’s child and family team or adult recovery team.

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Friend Health provides primary health care services to the vulnerable and medically underserved populations in a manner that is accessible, affordable, comprehensive, and culturally appropriate. Friend Health ensures that patients have access to a full-range of primary and preventive health care services as well as the necessary supplemental services which are either delivered directly or through established arrangements or referrals.

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