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Arbor Hospice (AH) provides comprehensive hospice services wherever their patients call home, including private residences, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, or AH's own residential care home, The Residence of Arbor Hospice. AH's services range from pallative care, medication/equipment management, help with everyday living activites, caregiver education and training, complementary therapies such as music/massage/pet therapy, grief counseling, to a pediatric program through a partnership with Anchors Programs for Children.

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Ann Arbor Baby Beginnings (AABB) is dedicated to providing education and support to new families. AABB offers childbirth education and newborn care classes, as well as new moms groups and support for families in the pregnancy and postpartum period.

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ArborWoman empowers women facing unintended pregnancies with the education and support needed help women move forward in the right direction. In addition to pregnancy testing, ArborWoman also provides limited ultrasounds, counseling for pregnancy options, community resources, support groups, and more all free of charge.

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Home of New Vision provides intensive treatment, support, and education for substance abuse disorders. Programs include the Engagement Center, a short-term crisis intervention facility that provides a safe environment where clients can stabilize, have a meal, take a shower, and talk to staff about their situations; detoxification, residential and outpatient treatment; recovery housing; case management, early intervention, and community education; and programs specifically for women and adolescents.

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The Michigan Prison Doula Initiative (MPDI) provides compassionate birth and parenting support to imprisoned mothers. Their program starts by partnering with a mother and developing a birth plan, supporting the mother while she is in labor at the hospital, and helping mother and child bond for the time they have together before the mother returns to prison. The doulas also offer postpartum support and resources to remain in contact with family and ensure safe placement of babies.

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Structure House Inc is a substance abuse residential rehab facility that provides treatment to people with drug addiction and other substance abuse problems.

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