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The goal of Alameda County Community Food Bank is to provide food to individuals who many not be getting adequately fed. They have outreach programs and also work with food banks and soup kitchens.

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The Allegan County Food Pantry aims to feed the hungry and those in need in Allegan County; their newest program, Bridging Babies, also provides a pantry with infant formula, baby food, and OTC infant medications.

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The Alpena & Presque Isle Counties Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Team (ALPPICAN) is a partner of the Children's Trust Fund of Michigan that operates several programs for increasing awareness of and preventing child abuse and neglect, and educating parents. One of their most popular programs is their Baby Pantry, where food, clothing, and special items are offered for infants and toddlers aged 0-3 years.

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The Alpena Senior Citizens Center provides a variety of services to promote and protect the dignity, independence, and welfare of older adults throughout Alpena County. The Center provides daily meals and meal delivery, offers in-home services like homemaking and personal care, respite care services, a Medicaid assistance program, a medical supply closet, transportation assistance, medication management, resources for relatives to help care for children, and support groups.

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