Elderly Care

The mission of Pee Dee Community Action Partnership is to develop and improve low-income communities and neighborhoods through economic and related development, with a primary function of developing projects and activities designed to enhance economic opportunities of the people we serve and to implement and advocate developmental and human services delivery programs for socially and economically disadvantaged elderly, children and families. Our program performance will be tracked with the use of the ROMA and other Federal and State mandated systems.

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The Chicago Lighthouse is a social service organization serving the blind, visually impaired, disabled and Veteran communities. It provides vision rehabilitation services, education, employment opportunities and assistive technology for people of all ages. Its full-service facilities are located in the Illinois Medical District of Chicago and in suburban Glenview, with satellite clinic facilities located throughout Chicagoland offering vision rehabilitation services.

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The Guardianship Project serves as court-appointed agency guardians to a vulnerable, mostly indigent population--elderly and disabled individuals who lack family or other supports that enable them to live as independently as possible.

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The Douglas Center is a non-profit organization that provides community day services for individuals with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities. The center provides services for 138 clients on a daily basis. The current facility boasts 40,000 square feet and comprehensive programming, empowering participants to make choices for their personal growth and development. It services individuals with disabilities from ages 18 to 100 residing in Chicago, Skokie, and surrounding suburbs. The center provides unique opportunities for acquiring skills for future employment to learning to manage their disability as they get older. Its comprehensive programs, clinical services, training programs, employment opportunities and seniors program are focused on assisting each individual in the management of their disabilities, while building of self-esteem and developing and/or improving existing social, work and independent living skills.  

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Sunset House is an assisted living home for the elderly and handicapped that provides personalized care in a home-like setting.

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The St. Louis Altenheim, a not-for-profit corporation, is to provide a hospitable haven to all elderly citizens regardless of religious or natural background, so each person can experience a high quality of life.

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