A Safe Place is the sole provider of services exclusively addressing domestic violence in Lake County, Illinois. Through multi-faceted programs it assists victims in transforming their lives after domestic violence, prevent future abuse by addressing its root cause through abuser intervention programs, and educate the community about domestic violence and how we can all be involved in its end.

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A Community for Peace serves children and adult survivors of domestic violence. They aim to create safe access to systems for them.

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The mission of Asian Women's Shelter is to eliminate domestic violence towards women. They also provide language and educational access for any survivors.

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Volunteer organization that wants to help maintain the dignity of those members of the Jewish community who had fallen on hard times as a result of health issues, loss of employment or a change in personal situations. Provide money or food to those in need, which they find throughreferrals from community organizations, social workers, Rabbi’s and others.

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The Daily Bread provides those in need with hot meals, emergency food services, personal care items, as well as job skills and interview training.

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Darkim Responsible Living For Women Inc. Nfp is a transitional shelter for women, which aids wrap around services while providing temporary housing for women. Its mission is to offer outreach programs and temporary housing for women, providing women with a safe environment featuring all necessities that a home has to offer.

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