Adkins Village Senior Housing offers affordable living for seniors age 62 or older. Adkins Village provides housing facilities and services specially designed to meet the physical, social, and psychological needs of seniors to help promote their health, security, and happiness.

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Offers information about housing assistance, low income apartments and other affordable housing opportunities. Affordable Housing Online also provides information on individual apartment communities which receive federal housing funding.

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‚ÄčThe Aiken/Barnwell Counties Community Action Agency, Inc. (ABCCAA) is a people-oriented, non-profit, community-based organization that has assisted the people within its service areas since 1966. The main purpose of our Agency is to help improve the lives of people in need, as well as addressing a variety of community concerns.

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Provides housing support and referral services to all DoD personnel and their dependents helping to locate housing in the local community or in privatized housing. Contact the Air Force Housing office directly prior to entering into a rental or lease agreement to ensure you make fully informed decisions on housing for you and your family at your new assignment.

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