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Do you have insomnia?

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      Sinbi Kim

        Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep at night, resulting in a non-restorative sleep. Sleep is as important to your health as a healthy diet and regular physical activity. Insomnia can affect you both mentally and physically. This is why people with insomnia report a lower quality of life compared with their counterparts. 


        When insomniacs are stressed, it increases the heart rate & blood pressure, which jolts the body into hyperarousal, making it impossible to ignore any slight discomfort. When insomniacs fall asleep, their quality is compromised. Insomnia may be the primary problem, or it may be associated with other conditions. Commonly, insomnia is associated with depression and anxiety.


        Personally, I myself haven’t been diagnosed with insomnia. However, I do have days I feel like I’m losing sleep.


        Before a big presentation day or a major exam, I can’t fall asleep quickly.

        My mindset was “if I can’t sleep early tonight, I’m gonna mess up the presentation tomorrow.” And this made me even more nervous, which significantly stressed me. Leading to a total lack of sleep.


        Insomniacs get stressed to the point that their body is flooded with fight-flight-or freeze chemicals. Increasing the heart rate & blood pressure. Which then leads to hyperarousal.


        Dim the lights. Control the temperature in your room. If you still can’t fall asleep, leave the room. Do something relaxing ( for me it’s always reading 📚 that makes me tired😅). Set consistent resting and waking time to help orient your body’s circadian rhythm (biological clock).


        Sweet dreams🌜

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        Gabriel Mayeden

          This is very insightful. Thank you for sharing. In addition to the remedies you have mentioned, I have noticed avoiding heavy diet after 5pm helps me sleep longer hours. I understand everyone’s chemistry is different but this worked for me and believe it will work for most people struggling to get enough sleep. Prior to making that change, I would wake up few hours into my sleep feeling heavy in my chest, which make me struggle to go back to sleep again. That simple change in lifestyle has improved my sleep pattern.

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