LGBTQ and anxious

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      Allison Graham

        Does anyone else get social anxiety when going out with their partner in public? What are people going to think if we hold hands? What looks will I get?

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        Ashley Hicke

          I used to worry about this same thing whenever I was in a same sex relationship. It took some time, but I eventually felt confident in my sexuality and it allowed me to feel empowered whenever I displayed affection in public. I feel like this can really depend on where you’re from though. I’m from a more liberal area, so stuff like this isn’t looked down upon very often and it became pretty easy to feel confident. If you’re from a more conservative area though, I can imagine it’s more scary to be affectionate in public and more people may be judgmental. I think if this is the case, it may be helpful to find a community of other LGBTQ individuals to feel less alone. I joined different organizations and started attending drag shows and stuff and it really helped me come out of my shell and feel welcomed!

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