Health and Fitness During COVID

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      Lindsay C

        How is everyone taking care of themselves during COVID?

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        Ashley Hicke

          I was originally hoping COVID would give me more time to exercise and be more healthy. Unfortunately, I think my mental health took a toll on me and made me very unmotivated, despite having more time. I hope that starting in 2021 I can take better care of myself, since the lack of physical activity and the amount of unhealthy food I have been eating have definitely caught up with me.

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          Gillian Teepe

            I can relate with Ashley, in that quarantine took a turn different than expected due to my mental health.

            Before I was able to find motivation to get active, I got myself indulged in art and baking. Both of these activities were an outlet for myself that helped me get through long, lonely days (and were fairly inexpensive). I discovered a passion I didn’t really know I had before, being acrylic painting.

            While I’m still occupying much time with that, I did start getting into physical exercise these past few months of dealing with COVID. Something that has been really enjoyable is nature walks. While these are fun to go on with a friend, they are also very relaxing to just take yourself to. There are many youtube channels too which make great at-home work out videos without needing equipment.

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            Noelle Threatt

              Does anyone have any tips for getting started working out again when it’s so cold and we’ve been isolated for so long?

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                I heard some really helpful tips on a podcast today (Life Kit: Get Back Into Your Home Workout Routine) and some of them I’m already doing, so that was refreshing! Two tips that have been working well for me the past few weeks: plan some kind of exercise into your day and dress for success. I do something active outside every day no matter the weather. Light layers help, even when it’s really cold — so I start the day wearing what I could also use for exercising. I’m job hunting right now, so I only have video calls when I’m interviewing — most days I can wear clothes that allow me to move around when I’m exercising and I can also just add a fleece on top and grab my mask, shoes, gloves and head outside. (It was also a pleasant surprise to learn that wearing a face mask keeps my face pretty warm!) Check out the podcast link above for other helpful tips.

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                Noelle Threatt

                  Thank you for the tips and the podcast recommendation! Making a plan and a sticking to it is the hardest part.

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                    Walking walking walking and music!

                    Most people keep saying how they cant wait for the pubs to open again but I’m desperate for the gyms to reopen! the gym and walking have made such a huge difference to my mental and physical health, I did a whole childish sulk when the gyms closed and between that and way too much comfort food Ive got the vicious cycle going on, no not the dreaded exercise bike kind of cycle, the I’ve put a lot of weight back on which means I beat myself up, which means biscuits, mad at myself, crisps, … Id kick myself if I had the energy 🙂

                    So Im back to daily walks with my earbuds blasting and trying (praying, begging) that the gyms open again soon

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                    Aimee Buchanan

                      I have a workout app called Workouts For Women that allows you to work out from home and track your progress. You can put in your goals, and then it will give you workouts ranging from beginner to expert and various time commitments. You can also set a time that the app will remind you to work out, so you don’t forget. It’s really easy to fit in workouts because some of them are only 7 minutes. The workouts are easy to follow and are actually kind of fun!

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