You will never walk alone

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      Sinbi Kim

        Hello there, stranger, how are you? I have always asked, “Why don’t people be honest and open up about their condition and feeling?” Is it so taxing that there is no power left even to tell us what’s going on? I always felt an unknown thirst and needed empathy with people like me. So instead of wandering in search of such people, I decided to become that person myself. I decided to wave my hand vigorously because I was here. I wish someone could recognize my gestures similar to themselves and come to me and feel safe with me.

        Let’s look around us. There will be family members, relatives, friends, and neighbors who are struggling with depression. It’s that common. But this does not mean people struggling with depression should be taken less seriously. Some depression could take form more explicitly and sometimes less obvious at first. If you know anyone with depression, reach out to them and check on them. This could remind those with depression that there are people that still care for them. Before you judge why they are feeling down, acknowledge how exhausting depression could be.

        But always remember: look after yourself first. Take mental health problems as seriously as your other physical health. Look after yourself and remember that you never walk alone.

        To end this, I want to recommend an Instagram page called “realdepressionproject.” They post different resources and tips to cope up with depression and overall mental health issues. 

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