Living in the past

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    Tai Adhikary

    Does anybody feel like they have a hard time letting go of the past? I go through these moments where after something goes wrong I revert back to thinking about way back when and even though things weren’t perfect – I was surrounded by more care is what it felt like. Around people who saw me and cared in a way that I could really receive it and in a city I really loved and was home to me. But is that all just nostalgia? Is there something there or do I just live in the past? If anyone experiences anything similar, I would appreciate your insight.

    Noelle Threatt

    I also struggle with living in the past at times. It’s difficult to let go of times in life or situations in which feelings are left unresolved. Something that has helped me has been constantly reminding myself to live in the present. Taking note of the little things like enjoying the sunshine, feel of a snuggly blanket against my skin, and conversation friends and family. In the long term, I would recommend journaling to jot down some of these unresolved feelings as well as possibly meeting with a therapist who could help normalize these thoughts as well as make them more manageable day to day. To a degree, I think most people struggle with nostalgia for past times, but it’s important not to let what’s happening right in front of you now slip by. Best of luck to you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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