Feeling bad again.

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      Hannah Frazier

      Hi guys,

      I have had depression since I was 14 and I’m in my late 20’s now. These past couple of weeks have been rough. I don’t really know what kickstarts my depression, but I’ll do fine for awhile, then I’ll start to feel bad again. I’m thinking about talking to my doctor to adjust my medication or add something on with it. Just wanted to know if you guys have ever felt the same way? If so, how do you get through it?

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      Saleana Y

      Hey Hannah,

      I’m really sorry you’re feeling bad again. I can definitely relate to the feeling of doing well and seemingly falling back into feeling absolutely terrible. I wish I had a perfect solution, but truthfully, I didn’t even get diagnosed until last year. I would definitely bring it up to your doctor and let them know that things aren’t working for you right now, you deserve to feel at your best as much as you can. Some things I do include just blasting music while driving, or doing something mindless, but I don’t know if those are exactly the healthiest coping mechanisms.

      I hope things will feel better soon. 🙂 It’s not easy but I’m proud of you just for speaking out and being honest and vulnerable.

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