Scientific studies about COVID treatments and masks

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        Scientific studies about COVID treatments and masks
        Have you ever had the interior prompting that you needed to do something?

        I felt that urging, that prompting, recently. I was listening to a Senator talk about the answers Dr. Fauci had to his question about funding the Wuhan lab.  It’s pretty well documented that he did this in 2014 and then again in 2017.

        Do you remember in March 2020 when he said masks are not effective to prevent the spread of the virus?  And then in less than 90 days he implements mask wearing as a necessary protocol for the entire US. And earlier this year he said since one masks works somewhat well, it would be best if we all start wearing two or three masks to make it more effective.  Thank goodness he did not win that argument.

        Now that he has been caught in a bold face lie to the Senate, maybe someone will expose his lack of science in his decisions.

        In the church they have relaxed the mask mandate for anyone who has received the jab.  But for anyone who has been following the science and understands the risk of the vaccines, they are still required to wear masks.

        When I heard Dr. Fauci lying to the Senate, I felt that interior urging that I needed to give the science to my Bishop.  After all my Bishop was the first in the country to get people back into the church, even though the state of NM was still in a semi-lockdown.  Oh yes, that was when it was safe to go to WalMart but not safe to go to worship service with only 5 people in the building.  The hypocrisy of it all. I didn’t know how my Bishop would take the information, but I felt I needed to collect the information and just let him make that final decision on what to do.

        I shared a printout with him of the articles below.  I’m hoping they can benefit you with the information they give.  The patient guide is a must have on treatments that can help you prevent hospitalization if you should catch this virus.

        FLCCC Alliance Statement on the Irregular Actions of Public Health Agencies and the Widespread Disinformation Campaign Against Ivermectin

        Masks are neither effective nor safe: A summary of the science (page 8 “How Deadly is COVID”)

        What follows is my summary notes for the meeting in case you find them helpful in your own situation.  It’s time for the science to start being used to counter this disinformation narrative that is out there.

        ·        How deadly is COVID-19 (page 8 of patient guide)

        o   The chances of someone under 50 years old with symptoms dying from COVID-19 is 0.05%

        o   The chance of someone under 18 years old dying is statistically 0%

        o   There are roughly 7 times more children that die from the flu than COVID-19

        o   Approximately 99.9% of individuals who contract COVID will have mild to moderate symptoms and recover

        o   The majority of deaths are coming from the 0.62% of the population who are in nursing home facilities

        o   Early treatment is the key to success

        ·        Disinformation campaign on effective treatments

        o   Ivermectin use reduces the risk of contracting COVID-19 by over 90% and mortality by 68% to 91%

        o   As expert clinician-researchers in society, we are firmly committed to ensuring that public health policy decisions derive from scientific data.  Disturbingly, after extensive analysis of the recent WHO ivermectin guideline recommendation, we could not arrive at a credible scientific rationale to explain the numerous irregular, arbitrary, and inconsistent behaviors documented in their report.

        ·        Masks

        o   The science says it is neither effective or safe

        o   Based upon review of scientific data, “Compared to no masks, there was no reduction of influenza like illness cases or influenza for masks in the general population, nor in healthcare workers.”

        o   A 2019 study of 2862 participants showed that both N95 respirators and surgical masks “resulted in no significant difference in the incidence of laboratory confirmed influenza.”

        o   Face mask use was likewise found to be not protective against the common cold, compared to controls without face masks among healthcare workers.

        o   N95 masks means 95% of particles larger than 0.3 microns are filtered.  The coronaviruses are approximately 0.125 microns.

        o   Aerosol penetration through cloth masks were between 74 and 90% in their study.  Meaning 74 to 94% of the air with bacteria and virus particles comes right through the mask.

        o   Healthcare workers wearing cloth masks had significantly higher rates of influenza-like illness after four weeks of continuous on-the-job use

        o   The increased rate of infection in mask-wearers may be due to a weakening of immune function during mask use.

        o   Masks serve more an instrument of obstruction of normal breathing, rather than effective barriers to pathogens.

        ·        Doctors and scientists warn of Vaccine dangers (for a third time)

        ·        Do not vaccinate those with a statistical zero percent chance of being at risk (children under 18)

        HCQ was labelled by all main stream news sources as a drug that will kill you last year.  But every military person that has been oversees know, it’s as safe as aspirin.  Now the main stream social networks like Facebook have changed their policy since it is proven to work.  Some doctors have claimed that if the censorship campaign by social media had not happened and HCQ with zinc and a z-pac were given to the population in early 2020, it could have saved over 100,000 lives.  Let that sink in about how dire their censorship decision was on the life and death of individuals.

        We need to follow the science and we need to demand our elected officials  make their research available when implementing national policies like mask wearing and lockdowns.


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          One doctor shares how his treatments for his high risk COVID patients has over a 99% survival rate, even after they get COVID.  Take a look at his protocol at

          He has been Nominated for the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

          His work and papers have been peer-reviewed.


          His prophylaxis protol is at this link

          His Treatment Protol is at this link

          Under his prophylaxis protocol he has this simple vitamin and plant based supplement for the great majority of people as a preventative from getting and subsequently spreading the virus.

          Protocol for Low and Moderate Risk Patients:

          Elemental Zinc 25mg 1 time a day Vitamin D3 5000iu 1 time a day Vitamin C 1000mg 1 time a day  Quercetin 500mg 1 time a day until a safe and efficacious vaccine becomes available.  If Quercetin is unavailable, then use Epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG) 400mg 1 time a day.

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