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      Noelle Threatt

      I’ve been struggling with online meeting lately. Connecting with strangers feels more difficult online when I’m used to using FaceTime and Zoom for close friends and family. Does anyone have any tips for overcoming social anxiety during Zoom calls?

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      Audrey M

      I do stretches before a call and deep breaths.  I also say things to myself like ‘you got this’. I keep positive affirmations on the wall in front of me and also stickers on the computer. It really helps me! I still get anxiety but it’s less so. Hope this helps a bit.

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      Ryan Rasmussen

      This is such an issue, right?!?  I have heard that switching your screen so that your video doesn’t show to yourself and reducing the size of other’s image so they aren’t “larger than life” can help.  Even just hiding their video (while keeping yours on) so that it is more like a phone call for you can help.  I wonder if making a separation of Zoom for work and FaceTime for family and friends (if feasible) would be a way to create a separation.  Also, maybe always do work stuff in one place and fun stuff in another or use a fun virtual background to make it less serious when with friends and family.  …Just some ideas.  Hope you have some luck managing the anxiety.

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