Anxiety Around State Mandate

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      Josh Thibeault

      Hey all,

      I’ve been having some situation-specific anxiety lately. In the state I live in, employees working with any industry in any capacity are required to enforce that members of the public wear masks and practice social distancing on business property. I thought I would have no problem asking people to do this, but have ended up finding myself anxious whenever it comes time to actually confront someone about this.

      I’m not sure if this increased anxiety is coming from the potential danger of asking maskholes to mask up, or if its just coming from the idea of confrontation in general. Any thoughts on how to deal with this? Just ignoring the mandate isn’t an option– employers are required to terminate employees who don’t do this, and employers who fail to do that lose their operating licenses.

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      Natalie Zazula

      Hey Josh!

      Honestly, that sounds awful! I know I would also have a lot of anxiety in your situation. I spent nearly 3 years working in hospitality and I remember how anxious I would be at times approaching guests about moving from a hallway or to stop blocking a doorway because I never knew how each person would react!

      I wish I had personal experience with this specific mask situation to really help but what I would advise is to remember that when you’re asking/telling people to put a mask back on or social distance, you are following the rules and you are doing it to keep people safe! I am sure that you get plenty of pushback and rude remarks from people that don’t believe in wearing masks but remember that even if people are rude, YOU are following your training and you are keeping people safe and healthy. Don’t take rude remarks personally (even though it is hard) because they aren’t mad at you, but rather probably mad at the whole state of 2020 and they don’t want to accept that masks and social distancing can mitigate the spread.

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