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“Fleeing Yourself” – Alcohol Myopia

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      Emily S

        Ever heard the phrase “lose yourself at the bottom of the bottle”? This is called fleeing yourself. You are running away (fleeing) from personal issues and responsibilities. You are diminishing your sense of self. Although research has suggested that this is true while first starting to consume alcohol, it is important to take note that alcohol is a depressant. During the aftermath of drinking and entering into the recovery mode back to becoming sober, alcohol is not effective for suppressing negative thoughts that were previously attempted to be neglected through consumption of alcohol. Instead, the counter occurs. During the aftermath of consumption, research concludes that it is more likely that your attention will be EVEN MORE narrowed on the issue that was attempted to be erased. This is called alcohol myopia. Thus, motivationally speaking, fleeing from potential issues through the reliance of alcohol will only counteract what this attempt and narrow your focus even more on this issue at hand. It is best to stay away from the reliance of alcohol when attempting to “flee” from an issue.

        hull et al., 1983.

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