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We are your emotional wellness support network. Become part of a safe online community filled with compassionate peers and professionals who can help you navigate a path to emotional healing.

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AllyU Organization NFP has over 60+ online support groups where members share their experiences in a positive environment designed to inspire, encourage, and empower.


Sooner or later, everyone gets the blues. Find a shoulder (or two) to lean on to help you bounce back and move past the sadness.
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Losing someone dear to you can open the floodgates to feelings of sadness and hopelessness. Don’t live with the pain alone.
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Relationships bring joy, love and strength. But sometimes they can bring feelings of nervousness, sadness and confusion. Lean on an ally who has been there too.
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Bipolar Disorder

Dealing with sudden, shifting mood swings is a constant struggle. Find out how others have navigated these challenges in their daily lives.
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Panic attacks. Fear of interaction. Excessive, ongoing worry. Wherever you fall on the anxiety spectrum, you’ll find a friend in our forum.
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A traumatic, life-threatening event can trigger this disorder and create an emotional disconnect with your loved ones. Talk it out. Find a sounding board.
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If you have substance abuse issues, don’t suffer in silence. Join our forum and find people eager to listen and share stories of recovery.
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Navigating the discrimination, injustice, hate and violence hurled at the LGBTQ+ community can make every day a challenge. See how others overcome it.
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Its hard to have emotional wellness when you’re worried about the basics of life.

The AllyU Organization NFP Resource Directory can guide you to bridge the gap of what you need.

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AllyU Organization NFP provides you with the latest in social technology to help you connect with others and receive excellent mental health support.

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AllyU Organization NFP is dedicated to providing you with links to mental health services and resources from your local community. If you need immediate help or feel unsafe, you may call 911 for psychiatric or medical attention or access our Emergency Directory with links from 24/7 call centers, hotlines, and warmlines available. **Please be aware that AllyU Organization NFP does not recommend the use of these resources as a replacement for professional help.

Please follow your healthcare provider’s advice.

Find your local allies

It can be difficult to build new personal connections as adults. Live Community at AllyU provides common ground from the outset and a judgment-free avenue for reaching out. If you want to publicize an event in your area, create a face-to-face meetup opportunity, start a relationship, or you just need a little strength in numbers when you venture out of the house this weekend, Live Community may be exactly where you need to start.

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